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Chris Brown is a Tool

I don’t usually write about current pop culture stars.  Not because I am anti-current pop culture, mostly because I am very, very unhip.  But I came across a tid bit featuring America’s favorite celebrity beater, Chris Brown! Apparently he is … Continue reading

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The Max Does Bourbon Street

We just spent four near perfect days in New Orleans.   I found  steal for our hotel, the weather was gorgeous (with the exception of rain one night) and there was so much to do, I must go back soon.  I … Continue reading

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Turns Out He’s 2 Inches Tall

So, the frog fell away and revealed a tiny man wearing a crown with his hands in his pockets. I’m unsure what I can do with him other than take him out for dinner and put him at the place … Continue reading

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Don’t Shoot the Messenger

I realized a depressing thought as I settled down to type this post. When I share tales of my job, they are mostly of customers that could be described as out of line or flat out rude. So, I thought … Continue reading

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I have been certainly lazy at the least lately, as far as pounding hands on computer and hitting, “Publish!” I have exactly 47 unfinished drafts as well as two unfinished college classes, a messy messy house, and a sack full … Continue reading

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Bad Habits

I have them. You might have them as well. but if you do don’t tell me about them because then it ruins the shiny perfect illusion that I have of you. No, not you. I meant you. What is it … Continue reading

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Nodine, Minnesota

It was one of those weekends that I don’t do very often, but when I do do them I love them. (I just said do-do) I left on Friday and got home today, Sunday. There was a play in a … Continue reading

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Beau Wolf

I have tucked in the back of my brain is a list of all the characters I would like to include if my life were to ever turn into a movie. That’s awfully hot headed of me, I know. In … Continue reading

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My first stab at memoir

I am once again posting homework. The final project in one of my classes is to write a ten page memoir essay. After thinking about it and starting over many times I finally just went back to what I always … Continue reading

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Reader Mail

A few months ago I added a Contact section to my blog. I have been happy and surprised at the emails I have received ever since. Some of these emails contain questions and I thought that others maybe had the … Continue reading

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