What’s a Pilver?


I’m so glad you’ve asked!

One night, a lot of years ago, I was sitting with some friends at one of the friends’ house and we were doing nothing. No TV, nothing special, just yacking for the most part. It got to about three in the morning and one of my friends said completely out of the blue, “Nothing rhymes with silver.” Hmm. That was something new for my brain to process. So like idiots, we went through the alphabet to make sure his claim was indeed a fact. Nope, nothing did. In our interestingly bored little brains we decided to invent a word that did rhyme.


Our new word. Meaning: the feeling one gets after having stayed awake for an unnecessary amount of time while accomplishing nothing.

So, if used in a sentence one would say, “I watched the Hairdini infomercial for hours last night and now I have the pilver.” One can also be pilverized, as in “I rearranged my trash cans last night and now I am going to be pilverized all day.” You cannot really pilver something or someone else. For the pilver is a noun.

I encourage others to adopt this word as I would like to be remembered by Merriam Webster when I pass. So go, count your eyelashes or rewash those dishes in your cupboard. Then tomorrow, use the new word and we can start a revolution!

31 Responses to What’s a Pilver?

  1. tg says:

    I just have to point out:

    You say: “…the pilver is a noun.”

    But earlier you say: “One can also be pilverized, as in ‘I rearranged my trash cans last night and now I am going to be pilverized all day.'”

    “Pilverized” would actually be a verb (such as “analyzed” “pulverized” “prioritized”), but the way you quote someone using it here, it would be an adjective.

    So…noun, verb, adjective? I just want to make sure you have it straight when Webster calls!

    tg = N-E-R-D

  2. Michael says:

    ah….hahah…i just found this. You don’t know how many places I looked up “pilver” when I first came to this blog (okay….like 3). Then I was like, oh well, it’s probably one of those old, archaic words and I assumed it was something closely related to “pillage.”

    i’m so glad this was cleared up.

    and i’m not sure i’m entirely understanding what tg is saying, but i think he may have a point. I have to agree that some clarification is in order. But a word can be a noun, a verb, and probably an adjective at the same time. Like “crash” — “I heard a crash,” “I crashed the car,” or “That was a crash course in defensive driving.” I don’t know if pilver would be ready for the hat-trick, but plenty of words fall into multiple categories…at least two (like “help”). Maybe the various forms of “pilver” would have to be worked out a little more.

    But I think with a tad of modification and refinement, “pilver” would be a great addition to the English language. I know I would use the word all the time.

  3. guisedugal says:

    Pilver is a great word and fills a very great gap for that common feeling, but will you hate me if I point out that a “Chilver” is a baby ewe?

  4. kristiane says:

    No, I do not at all hate you for that. But, it must be a UK word, because it does not show up in my dictionary.

  5. ATNorth says:

    Yep, 3:14 AM. The pilver all day tomorrow.

    Best Wishes

    A. Truman North

  6. kweenmama says:

    I love this! I am going to share it with my kids who are ALWAYS coining new words.

  7. chase c says:

    thats sad
    i thought of it today and googled it there are people with that last name but it is in the urban dictionary so i give mysefl 1/2 credit

  8. me says:

    Yup, I have that last name. An obscure Hammerstein song
    contains a Mr Pilver, who pilfered silver. Once someone walked into
    work telling me he heard on the radio nothing rhymes with silver.
    He said, “I could only think of your last name Pilver,

  9. me says:

    Hmmm, a chilver is a baby lamb, as I just Googled it. Clever, guisedugal, my marital surname rhymes with silver and I don’t hate you. I have to phone my son.

  10. B Pilver says:

    Hey, Sorry but that’s my last name….So it is not a new word.

  11. kristiane says:

    If it’s not in the Scrabble dictionary, it doesn’t count 😉

  12. Rachel Pilver says:

    Umm…not to be rude but this is really creepy. Who are you? Because this “word” happens to be my last name and the only Pilvers out there are in my family tree!

    • The L guy says:

      Uhhh…many people have wondered what rymed with silver.pilver was one of the words wondered.my last name is sell,so imagine what I would be like at a sale

  13. Barb says:

    I think we should write a song with the word ‘pilver’ in it. something like “Since you pilvered me, I’m so lonesome I could cry”….Maybe that wouldn’ work….I’ll keep thinking about it!!!!!!!!!! HEY! THIS IS FUN!!!!

  14. DJ D says:

    I only just now noticed this little discussion thread on your blog. Glad I did, because I’ve just taken “pilver” at face value all this time and assumed it was an actual word, just one I didn’t know the meaning of. It’s so much better knowing that it was made up though. I’ve spent quite a few nights being pilvered, myself. It’s a state I’m very familiar with.

  15. chloe and jamie says:

    hey haha this is so funny, we were just watching something on tv bout rhyming words and silver was one of them……. my parnter said yes pilver rhymes with silver, we had a little arguent bout it soi decided to google it and this site came up. he know thinks he is awesome. How BIZARRRRRRRRR!!!!!

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  17. me says:

    I assume B Pilver’s my son, who’s at Georgetown Law. We’re from Ct, although my sil found some Pilver’s online in Scotland. There are quite a few Ct. Pilvers. It is a rather obscure name. Where are you from Rachel?

    I assume you meant it was creepy seeing other Pilvers.

    The whole thing is weird.

    I read pilver is being used in a Urban context.

  18. me says:

    Whether you’re in our family tree, I don’t know. Never saw a Rachel at any gatherings of the Pilvers.

  19. me says:

    I spent a few nights being Pilvered myself. With a capital P. Take that how you will. lol

  20. Erin D. says:

    hey thats awesome! i am such a pilver… if thats the correct tense?

  21. Scot O'Dell says:

    Pilver works, but we need a rhyming word with a diphthong… Schrilver, phthilver, mnilver, zbilver. Definition would come later.

  22. The L guy says:

    I kinda thought “pilver” was a word but my friend told me it wasn’t a word I thought I’d look it up. I’m counting this as a word so haha to my friend.

  23. Mimi says:

    But wait is more than a year.. I am not clear.. is all? Noun, verb, adj..?

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  25. Maria says:

    I just……I don’t know how to start :’)
    OKAY so, I started using Twitter in 2015 and all my Internet friends had some cool nicknames there so once I decided to make up my own name as well.. I tried to combain different varieties of letters like “Timler” “Lobston” “Frevis” or smth like that.
    AAAAND when my brain accidentally made up “Pilver” I really liked this “name”, and after that I’ve been using it on all of my Internet accounts. I don’t use Twitter as often as I used to but my Instagram followers also know me as Pilver. Even some of my friends in real life call me like that. since. 2015. ALSO I’ve been using a picture of very cute sleepy Moomin (from Tove Janson’s books) as my Instagram profile picture since… 2015 as well.
    I was a little bit bored today and just googled “Pilver” for some reason , it was interesting to see what kind of results Google would give me. I saw this article as the FIRST result and…well the definition of “Pilver” that you wrote here is SO MUCH relatable , I feel it in my bones. I’m shocked. Just shoked 🙂
    * Idk how to prove that I made up “Pilver” as my nikname in 2015 but it is what it is

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