Reader Mail

A few months ago I added a Contact section to my blog. I have been happy and surprised at the emails I have received ever since. Some of these emails contain questions and I thought that others maybe had the same wonderings. So here you go:

Dear The Pilver,
I have been reading your blog for seventeen years now and have always wondered where you get your ideas.

Curious in Compton

Dear Curious in Compton

Well, I would say most of my ideas are a combinations of ideas ripped straight from the pages of the most recent issues of Cosmo and the feelings I get when producing MS Paint masterpieces.

Dear Kristiane,

I notice that you often talk about movies and I was wondering, what do you think is the greatest line from any movie ever?

Film buff in Fargo

Dear Film Buff,

Seeing as you are a fan of movies from the title you give to yourself, you will agree with me as I know the definitive answer comes from the classic T2: Judgement Day when Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character says the following to Edward Furlongs character :

“Why do you cry?”
I think that moment touched us all.

To: The Pilver

You always write about your son. Do you think you will stop once he is grown to the age where he can read the internet and could possibly be affected by the things you make public about him?

Someone Elses Son

Dear Someone Elses Son,

My son will never be ashamed of me. I fully plan on taking him to school well into his teenage years, and I am sure that at that time he will still be proud to be wearing matching Transformer stocking caps with his mother. And when he’s 30, if he decides to move out at that point, he may have the internet and read whatever he would like to. But like any loving mother I will help him set up his connection and when he is in the bathroom I will carefully block any sites which could be detrimental to his fragile young mind.

So, that’s just a sample. Thanks for all the emails!

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5 Responses to Reader Mail

  1. keywork. says:

    T2 was a very touching piece.

  2. Amy says:

    Oh my goodness you are hilarious.

  3. kristiane says:

    Keywork- yes, I could spend hours on the poetic phrases used in that movie.

  4. keywork. says:

    “I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.”

    -A. Schwarzeneger


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