Turns Out He’s 2 Inches Tall

So, the frog fell away and revealed a tiny man wearing a crown with his hands in his pockets.


I’m unsure what I can do with him other than take him out for dinner and put him at the place setting next to mine, look deep into his teeny eyes and engage in meaningful conversation for a few hours while sipping on an eighty dollar bottle of wine.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers! And to the rest, Happy Saturday!

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killing spiders with my laser eyes.
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7 Responses to Turns Out He’s 2 Inches Tall

  1. dailytri says:

    On the upside, he’s a cheap date. A thimbleful of that wine will put him over the legal limit.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Well, at least he’s an accurate representation of all the “real” men out there: a dissappointing Prince w/ his hands in his pockets. A very small man indeed. 😉

  3. Amy says:

    Well, he can’t be all that much smaller than you, can he?

  4. Greg says:

    I am part of “the rest” and had a perfectly happy Saturday night right here at my desk.

  5. I was also “The Rest,” sulking around work & my house with The Professor & Mary Ann.

  6. anna says:

    First of all… You don’t need to be drinking any $80 bottles of wine until you graduate. But… It would make my day to be the server of a table going out to dinner with a 2 inch frog on Valentine’s Day. Next year… Do it 🙂

  7. Will says:

    Did you have a nice “Singles Awareness Day”?

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