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I was 21 years old when I started working at a trendy little coffee shop in Seattle.  I loved coffee, loved Seattle, loved the smells, the music, the quirky-dressed employees and the eclectic group of customers.  I don’t think I … Continue reading

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Grow Your Own Space Needle!

On my recent trip to Seattle, I wandered around Ye Olde Curiousity Shoppe for a good deal of time. YOCS is a great place for old fortune teller machines, real mummies are on display, among other unusual goods. Most of … Continue reading

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Silly Bets

I am now in the leg of my vacation where my extended family will be around me at all times. I do love this. I have a cousin who is marrying on Saturday, and we are all getting amped to … Continue reading

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I Met Delilah

I am too tired to explain it all. Here’s a shorter version. Way back when, I did a couple posts on Delilah, from The Delilah Show featured on many soft-rock stations nation wide. Turns out, they read it and sent … Continue reading

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Awhile ago I joined the “blog every day and here’s your theme” club called NaBloPoMo. I learned about this from essaytch and thought it looked interesting. I have not followed it one bit. This month’s theme is Home. Home has … Continue reading

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Taco Del Mar

When I was 15 and we moved to Washington, I fully expected for the entire state to be covered in flannel with blue hair singing along to Kurt Cobain. Instead we moved to Tonasket, which was covered in Wranglers with … Continue reading

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The Strangest Conversations I Ever Had With …Strangers

Prior to moving back to Minnesota I was in Seattle for nearly five years where I worked at a coffee shop named Bus Stop Espresso that may have well just been a singles bar. Though the pairings that occurred there … Continue reading

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My first stab at memoir

I am once again posting homework. The final project in one of my classes is to write a ten page memoir essay. After thinking about it and starting over many times I finally just went back to what I always … Continue reading

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