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Halloween is Grinch Night

The Halloween season is nearly over, and I haven’t yet written a thing.  This ends tonight.  This ends because I saw a new/old Halloween special that I had never heard of until last week.  I have been trying to create … Continue reading

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How Very August of You, August 

The summer of 2017 had been relatively sane, until today. There were scattered hot days, but not too many. There were wildfires, but not too close. On the first day of the worst month of the year all of this … Continue reading

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Happy 10th Blogiversary!

Hanging by a thread, that’s what I’m doing folks.  I grabbed a cheesecake from the bakery, slapped it onto a plate and took a quick picture.  But I did it.   Ten years ago, when blogs were still all the … Continue reading

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Friday is my Monday

I work four days per week.  Fridays are my Mondays which makes Mondays my Fridays.  It hasn’t always been this way for me, I worked a typical week for most of my adult life.  Now I am a weekend warrior. … Continue reading

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I Drank Some Soda.

Last weekend I dug through my freezer and was reminded that I still had the bottom of a bottle of spiced rum.  Enough for a drink, perhaps two.  What I lacked was anything to drink with the rum.  I googled … Continue reading

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Blogiversary #9

This morning I received a lovely notification as I do every morning that I had memories of mine that facebook would like for me to see.  I always look at them if I have a moment, and today I was … Continue reading

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Wanna hear me whine?

Good!  You came to the right place! I am utterly depressed about not keeping up with my vow to blog every day this month.  I really am, I’d much rather be blogging than doing what I’m doing. I’m ill.  In … Continue reading

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