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Family Vacation

At about eighteen or so, family vacations pause.  You go off to college and there is only time for friends and your boyfriend/girlfriend.  I have not been on a family vacation with MY family in over a decade.  This statistic … Continue reading

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Road Trip Fund Raiser

I tried.  I went on a road trip in April, and it was so much fun.   I was going to skip a road trip out west this summer.  I was OK with that.   My OK-ness has ended.  I need to … Continue reading

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…all I ever wanted …had to get away

dingdingdingdingding!  YES!  I am thinking vacation.  Usually I go back to Seattle once a year to visit the family and take a long and relaxing road trip.  I go in June just after school and I love every second of … Continue reading

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Big and Small

I drove across most of Montana today. Montana means mountain. Mountains mean high altitude. High altitude means snow in June apparently. Blurry, cold, snow. This was at the Continental Divide. It snowed, and rained for most of the day. I … Continue reading

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Fourteen Years Later

Dang. Look at that. This picture was taken for a calender for a youth group that I was involved in during high school. I was fifteen and those were going to be my best friends for life. Down front: Lindsey, … Continue reading

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My first stab at memoir

I am once again posting homework. The final project in one of my classes is to write a ten page memoir essay. After thinking about it and starting over many times I finally just went back to what I always … Continue reading

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It’s Tax Time!

I’m not going to dive deep into the politics behind why this is going to happen, but this Friday our lovable IRS is going to make a deposit into my checking account. The bunches of spunk over there decided that … Continue reading

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Visit South Dakota!

This week the tourism department of South Dakota decided that it would be wise to dress people up as real life cowboys (or maybe they were cowboys) and pay them to walk around the streets of Minneapolis to boost the … Continue reading

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Christmas is 8 days away

AHHHHHHH!!!! How can it sneak up like this every year? If you came to my house to see the collection of packages tied with brightly colored paper and bows you would think I am a scrooge of massive proportions. In … Continue reading

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