email :

AIM: pilverkb

MySpace: thepilver

Place to mail me billions of dollars: well, first you must photo yourself in a clown costume while holding said billions, and then send my a Polaroid of this and then we’ll talk

I think that’s it.

5 Responses to Contact

  1. Erik says:

    Deep fried pickles and LSD……very bad idea

  2. monika says:

    ste jacksonovci skvely

  3. Anonymous says:

    the picture of the unusual flower that you posted, is a lantana flower

  4. Scott Thomas says:

    Thanks for taking a moment. I wanted to personally reach out to you because Im interested in partnering my company with Id like to chat about how I can increase your business bottom line.

    Please respond yes to this email with your best phone number if you can handle new customers and Ill give you a quick call to set something up

    Thanks for your time, talk to you soon.

    Scott Thomas

  5. Regan Kinne says:

    Good evening, I was just on your website and submitted this message via your contact form. The contact page on your site sends you these messages via email which is the reason you’re reading through my message right now right? That’s the most important accomplishment with any kind of advertising, getting people to actually READ your message and this is exactly what you’re doing now! If you have an advertisement you would like to promote to tons of websites via their contact forms in the US or to any country worldwide let me know, I can even focus on specific niches and my costs are very affordable. Shoot me an email here:

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