Bad Habits

I have them. You might have them as well. but if you do don’t tell me about them because then it ruins the shiny perfect illusion that I have of you. No, not you. I meant you.

What is it about bad habits that makes them actually bad? Just about when I started school last year I began the habit of having a drink nearly every night to celebrate the end of a job-homework-mothering filled day. After about a month I realized that I had probably had a total of 20-25 drinks. This was by far a record for myself. So, I decided that having a nearly nightly drink was no longer for me. Which in turn led to having no drinks for three days and then three drinks in one day. And just so you know, three drinks makes me post blogs as the one I am posting right now.

Other bad habits of mine:

I never catch up with the laundry.

I spend too much darn time on the computer.

I often wake up 10 minutes before I have to leave for work.

On many days a dinner of lunch meat, raw veggies and cheese is sufficient for me, and hopefully for my son.

OK, re-reading this list proves that I am just lazy.

Re-reading the last sentence proves that I need to clean my laptop because that sentence has either three periods or crumbs have static electricified themselves to the screen.

And finally, the previous sentence proves that I created a new word: “electricified” and spell check wants nothing to do with it.

Strange Search of the day (which is just kind of turning into funniest search of the day): i don’t know why i hate mondays

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6 Responses to Bad Habits

  1. JoshC says:

    3 drinks makes for hilarious posts.
    I think Im going to just start buying new clothes and throwing out the old ones, I really hate doing laundry.

  2. Lunchmeat, raw veggies and cheese is an excellent dinner. When I first read that sentence I read “raw meat, veggies and cheese” which is NOT at good dinner unless there’s sashimi or sushi involved.

    And if you can convince your son to eat sushi you ROCK!

  3. kittymao says:

    So I can’t tell you my bad habits?
    And if you spread some cream cheese on those lunchiemeats and roll em up- those is delicious eats. I used to eat those and dip- em in my tomato soupwhen I was flat fuckin’ broke.

  4. kristiane says:

    Oooh, And I have tomato soup from my mom’s recent care package!

  5. dohopoki says:

    I have 0 bad habbits.

  6. Amy says:

    i just did a search to see if “habbit” with two b’s was an actual word. gis believes that it’s a big purple vibrator. even with the safe search on.

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