Top 7 Lists

It started because I couldn’t think of ten things about Target that I wanted to share. Then, I just decided to roll with it. Here are my Top 7 lists.

iPhone Apps

Suburban Stereotypes

Songs of 1988

Best Christmas Songs

Words and Phrases I Hate I Hate For No Good Reason

Worst Christmas Songs

John Cusack Films

Top 7 Sevens

Olympians of All Time

Summer Commercial

Worst Song Lyrics

Retro Shows on DVD

U2 Songs

Reasons to Love Groundhog Day

Blog Posts I Have Read…not that I have read that many.

Songs From 1984

Quirky Things About My Apartment

Shows to Watch While Sick on the Couch

Places to Go on the Web

Things I Hate Buying

Trends of the 90’s

Reasons to Partake on a Wednesday Night


Greatest Things About Target

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