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‘Pete’ Died

To preface, I would like to say, I am NOT looking for a YOU GO GIRL! sort of reaction. When I was fifteen years old, I was square.  Maybe not in the way where you dress in Hush Puppies and … Continue reading

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Gave a Letter to the Postman

I’ve mentioned before, I was divorced several years back. (This post has nothing to do with divorce) When I left, I left with three suitcases and only went back to collect things a few times. Things like dishes, Max’s crib … Continue reading

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Melancholy Hues

Today was the first day of school, it was not Monday as I had thought..whoops! It was nice to have that extra day. Our first in class assignment was to start with this sentence and then keep writing for ten … Continue reading

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Taking the Easy Route

I am not broke, by any means. I mean, I am far from well off, but I pay the bills. However, since the word “recession” is being thrown around and gas is literally breaking people, no one wants to eat … Continue reading

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The Farmer Takes a SPOUSE?!

Max came home yesterday and we went through our daily conversation: Me: How was school? Max: Good. Me: Who did you sit with at lunch Max: I don’t remember…wait…I think it was Salvador Me: What was your favorite part of … Continue reading

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I Can Taste the Senioritis

I got an A- in poetry. Proving you actually can get an A (minus) for effort. I got one grade better than that. I got one grade worse. Also, I got an incomplete, which I will hopefully take care of … Continue reading

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My first stab at memoir

I am once again posting homework. The final project in one of my classes is to write a ten page memoir essay. After thinking about it and starting over many times I finally just went back to what I always … Continue reading

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Stuff White People Like-The Blog!

I haven’t been writing in a few days because I am attempting to catch up with the writing I have been assigned in classes. However, I am still reading blogs like they are on fire and my viewing them will … Continue reading

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I’m Having One of Those Moments

Today started out like any other Saturday. I slept until nearly 9am. Then I went into the living room to find a creative mess left by my son. He treasures his Saturday mornings free from the overbearing voice of his … Continue reading

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White Castle Machine? (parts 1 and 2)

On Thursday nights I drive from one campus to another ending up in Downtown Minneapolis. It’s about 5:30 when I get there and at this point I may or may not have eaten anything all day. So, I headed to … Continue reading

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