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Road Trip Fund Raiser

I tried.  I went on a road trip in April, and it was so much fun.   I was going to skip a road trip out west this summer.  I was OK with that.   My OK-ness has ended.  I need to … Continue reading

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The Noble Experiment

I was somewhere between the ages of eleven and thirteen when my parents made me an offer:  Don’t watch TV for a year and we will give you five hundred hollers.  Whoa.  Of course, I took them up on this.  … Continue reading

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Dear IRS,

I am not going to try and pretend to understand how you calculate my return. Every year, I go to a website, plop in my numbers and never lie about them. I tell you my income, my school costs, the … Continue reading

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Happiness For Sale

Synonyms of happiness: Contentment, pleasure, gladness, cheerfulness, joy, glee, bliss, delight, exhilaration, ecstasy. You can certainly buy items of pleasure, glee, or ecstasy. Though, what makes me delighted might make others stomachs turn upside-down i.e. Martha’s annual Halloween Issue is … Continue reading

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Good Ol’ Days

Today was not spent pouring iced tea into restaurant glasses. I’m trying to get “stuff” done. I didn’t get much of that to do list checked off, but I had a good rest anyhow. Tomorrow it’s back to work and … Continue reading

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