Visit South Dakota!

This week the tourism department of South Dakota decided that it would be wise to dress people up as real life cowboys (or maybe they were cowboys) and pay them to walk around the streets of Minneapolis to boost the idea of taking a vacation in their state.

Now, I have been to the state many times driving through and I can understand why they need to boost their image. I kid. It is a very beautiful place, however it could be seen as slightly boring by those who are suckers for cities and flashy attractions.

Well, just as we were closing the restaurant today the bulk of the cowboys (and girls) decided that they were going to head into Hell’s Kitchen to warm up, (it got up to a whopping 16 degrees today) and so the entryway was full of people in hats and chaps and dusters and spurs.

Of course, I made them let me take a picture, but they insisted that I join in the photo. So here it is with an added MS Paint job so I could slap a hat on my head as well.

Fridays rule.


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3 Responses to Visit South Dakota!

  1. Kris says:

    I wasn’t aware that South Dakota was known for its cowboys. Wild North Central doesn’t have the same ring to it as Wild West.

  2. Buddy Seiner says:

    Thanks for the mention Kristiane! I am with the South Dakota tourism office, and was one of the cowboys the day they joined you in Hell’s Kitchen. Unfortunately, I wasn’t along at the time, but I heard I have to go back to try a famous Hell’s Kitchen bloody mary! Thanks again.

  3. kristiane says:

    I am ridiculously happy that you found this, sir. And you do need to try the Bloody Mary that we have. Also: the Bison Benedict.

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