Christmas is 8 days away


How can it sneak up like this every year? If you came to my house to see the collection of packages tied with brightly colored paper and bows you would think I am a scrooge of massive proportions.

In reality, I have taken Wednesday off of work in order to start and finish my shopping for the year. And by shopping I mean I am going to go dig out my Kohl’s card and see how far my credit limit will get me at the cheesiest department store on earth.

I got the same speech this year from my mother that I have gotten each and every year that I have been a single mother, “Now, promise me you won’t buy us any gifts this year.” Sure mom. Truth is, I want to buy gifts. I want to buy them for everyone that I know. I want to have cost not be an option and I want nothing in return. Well, I would like some updated pictures of my nieces and an Easy Bake Oven. But other that that I want nothing, except a bank to approve a student loan for me and gift certificates to the diner for a year of Saturday morning breakfasts. But that is it, I swear.

I am going to list my “Reverse Wish List” or “What I Would Give to everybody I Know If I Could”

Sarah: My middle sister gets her college paid for and sound proof walls cause she lives on campus at the University of Wisconsin and it is quite loud there on the weekends, and Mondays and also on Tuesdays thru Thursdays.

Rachel: My oldest sister has her fourth baby on the way, she gets a house cleaner and a personal chef

Mom and Dad: Monthly plane tickets to see me (it’s a selfish one so they get to fly first class)

My Boss (the nice one) : deep tissue massages cause she’s tense, and I will show up on time every day, this month or at least this week.

Ally, Korbyn, and Broderick: my teenage cousins who have taken amazing trips all over the country and the world, you will get the pleasure of accompanying me on a road trip this summer in my rusty banged up 94 Honda. You’re Welcome.

My Co-workers: I am going to leave a case of Peppermint Schnapps in the bar to go with your hot chocolate for the long cold winter.

Tim: A winter coat, what you have does not count. And mittens. And a hat. And an all inclusive trip to Vegas.

The Pizza Employees Who I Live Above and Who Play Their Stereo Quite Loudly at 2am (at least that’s what I call them): headphones

Max: For my son I will buy new shoes that he will actually wear. He has been wearing these old dingy ones for months and I cannot get him to switch to the shiny new ones that are collecting dust by the front door. And a pony.

And to the people I have never met:

Laurie Kendrick: Backstage Goo Goo Doll passes

Billy: Backstage Creed passes—Ohhh! I kid, You may have a writing job at my fictional periodical.

Matt C. : a book deal, for real I would read it and gift it to many people.

Keywork: A real raccoon suit. or maybe just some mascara and I can tell you how to make the effect just as good as the real thing.

James Lileks: retirement, if you give me your job

You are all very welcome.

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10 Responses to Christmas is 8 days away

  1. tg says:

    I’m going to tell you the same thing I tell my mom…every year…

    I don’t need a hat or mittens or winter coat. My life consists of quickly sprinting from one warm place to another. (e.g. My apartment to my car to my job). So I am always warm. If my car breaks down, I will quickly walk to the nearest warm place and call for help. If I am not near a warm place, I will freeze to death.

    Jeez, people, this isn’t rocket science…

  2. kristiane says:

    When it is 20 below, and it does get there, and you have to walk out to heat up your car you are freezing. Yes, you are. You are uncomfortable. Mittens help this…it’s not rocket science.

  3. Greg says:

    “My Co-workers: I am going to leave a case of Peppermint Schnapps in the bar to go with your hot chocolate for the long cold winter.”


  4. kristiane says:

    yes, to remind me of the girl at the bus stop who chain smoked and drank that every morning when we were in 8th grade.
    You may have some too, greg, you just have to visit

  5. Billy says:

    If I can write for you would you mind if I can decorate my own cubical? It may be a tad excentric but it helps with the creative process. And thanks. Best gift ever.

  6. mklasing says:

    K: you seem like a great and giving person–it is too bad that we all can’t give to everyone everything they need. Now as I’ve been touched by this story–what size shoes does your son wear? I may actually have some that are new that would fit him. My son (who is 5) outgrew a couple of pair before he ever wore them and I would love to send them your way if they aren’t too small. Let me know today and I’ll try and get them out so you will have them for Christmas. My way of thanking you for the kind comments, cool posts and inspiring tales.


  7. Missy K.

    Do you know how freakin’ grateful I would be to get backstage passes to a Goo show?????

    Lady, you know me well!! How kind of you to include me.

    Many thanks,,

  8. kristiane says:

    Billy- I hadn’t thought about cubicles, but I want one too. You may decorate it however you like. I want to peek my head above the sides of mine, that had always looked like fun.

    Murphy- My son is six, so I don’t know if they would work, but your offer is very kind. He wears a 12 1/2.

  9. I’m stealing this idea, I love it.

  10. kristiane says:

    go for it. I cannot wait to read it!

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