It’s Tax Time!

I’m not going to dive deep into the politics behind why this is going to happen, but this Friday our lovable IRS is going to make a deposit into my checking account. The bunches of spunk over there decided that I needed an extra few to make up for the lack of money I made throughout the year.

So, first, I need to thank all the people who actually PAY taxes for giving some of their money to me. Then I feel as though I should allow you to know where your money is going to be spent.

First, I am mailing half of it to my mother. I don’t owe her money, but I do know that if she hangs onto the cash until you send me on a road trip this summer I will not spend it on things like lattes and Martha Stewart Magazines. (I love you Martha!) Then, with some of the remaining I plan to pay off my living expenses for the next couple of months. Things like insurance, water bills, electricity, cable…out of my mind until July.

Finally, the Big Splurge. My son has unwisely been asking for a video game system for the past couple months. I have been fending him off with websites which offer educational games and such. Now, he is going to be for the thrill of his life:


The Original Nintendo Entertainment System!

Yes, I will start him off just as I did, with Mario and company. We will free captured princesses and stand right next to the screen as we kill 8 bit ducks. And when he goes to bed for the night I will bring out my favorite, mario 3, and I will once again wonder where in the world those sick game designers thought up having our heros jumping around in sleeping bags or whatever the heck they were.

So, if I don’t write in awhile, it’s because I am over there…six feet away on my couch…

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14 Responses to It’s Tax Time!

  1. Michael says:

    oh wow, that’s pretty cool.

    i know with the escalation of school violence in recent years this might be a relatively scary idea but…

    You gotta get the kid “Duck Hunt”– complete with the special controller gun (because we all know, having to play duck hunt with the regular controllers just isn’t the same…at all). If not now, then eventually. You must get it for him.

  2. Gil says:

    That’s an awesome console to start him off with. I only hope he truly appreciates it as much as we all did in the 80’s.

  3. kittymao says:

    start ’em off with the basics.
    You throw him into Guitar Hero off the bat, and you’ll never see him until he’s 30.
    Trust me on this.
    My mum got us a Playstation when I was 12 and she just learned now where she went wrong.

  4. dohopoki says:

    This is good idea.
    If he doesn’t learn young how to blow in cartridge to make a game work, he’ll never grow up to be a normal man who knows how to properly use right thumb sticks and analog triggers.

  5. kristiane says:

    I am so glad for the universal support that my experiment will have. I just now found out that the system I bidded on over at ebay is mine. Today is good in so many ways.

  6. Michael says:

    How much was your winning bid?

    I remember when my brother and I had to save TWO HUNDRED dollars to buy our very own Sega Genesis when it first came out. (I got started on Nintendo, but I consider myself a Sega-kid.) Sonic the Hedgehog seemed so unimaginably mind-boggling!

    I’ll take a stab. I’d say you got it for…$50? I’m really not sure though…I don’t know how to gauge the nostalgia factor vs. the really old technology factor. And I don’t want to cheat and go to ebay. So $50 is my guess.

  7. Michael says:

    oh my bad…was that “duck hunt” bit always in the post? it wasn’t…right? i can’t believe i missed it.

  8. Kristiane,

    Have a great Easter my friend…unless of course you’re not into “that”. If not, have a great weekend.

    And kudos for this line….”The bunches of spunk”. How fitting when referring to anyone sporting an IRS employee badge.


  9. dohopoki says:

    What’s that NES sitting on? It looks like the NES is balancing itself on a little parking block for little console cars.

  10. kittymao says:

    didn’t you know, Dohopoki?
    The NES is a master of the fine art of illusion.

    it’s all mirrors, mang.

  11. timmy4ever says:

    I don’t really have anything to say about this…I just wanted to make a post to see if my sweet-A new picture appeared next to my name.

    When we play Mario Bros., can I be Luigi?

  12. tg says:

    I’ve changed my name back to your moniker of choice for me 😉

  13. kristiane says:

    you have to be luigi, you get no choice

  14. kristiane says:

    michael- it was 70 bucks, with 5 games and all the controllers I could ever need. Also, fully rebuilt and guaranteed for an entire year. No blowing required, hopefully.

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