Taking the Easy Route

I am not broke, by any means. I mean, I am far from well off, but I pay the bills. However, since the word “recession” is being thrown around and gas is literally breaking people, no one wants to eat out. So, my wages essentially have gone down. So, instead of finding a new job, which would be smart, I am devising a way to stay in college at least one extra semester so that I can take advantage of the lovely federal student loans that the government allots me. Here is the list of classes I am taking next semester:

Intro to the Internet: I totally need this.

Intro to Computers: See above

Spanish 101: I need basic Spanish for my job, also, I took this in high school many years.

Intro to Creative Writing: I have taken five classes which require this as a pre-req. But I am not taking Poetry again, even if I could get credit for it. Even if it meant I would get an automatic diploma. No. No more poetry.

So, come December, with very little luck, I should be posting a report card with lots of A’s. And if i don’t I will feel very very stupid.

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6 Responses to Taking the Easy Route

  1. Galileo says:

    I’d take my College’s only Creative Writing class, but they only offer it at 6:15 at night, 3 hours and during the spring.


  2. Amy says:

    i hope this works better for you than it did for me…i took summer sessions and winterims to get more financial aid to pay living expenses (okay, and a trip to las vegas once). now i have a $40,000 student loan and i make $26k a year. i am a loser.

  3. kittymao says:

    Man, some of my student loans paid for a deposit on my first apartment.
    And can i tell you how counfsued I was when I-
    the gal that took three years to pass ALGEBRA-
    tested out of Math, and yet I –
    the gal that has won several creative writing competitions-
    couldn’t test out of Creative Writing.

    I tell you I fucking SCHOOLED them kids. I almost felt that they made me take that class JUST so they could have someone decent for the teacher so he didn’t quit.

  4. Michael says:

    I LOVE random fill-in classes that one takes for financial aid purposes. All the benefits of staying in school without all the hassle of studying too hard.

  5. Amy says:

    kittymao, i felt that way once too. i took a second class with the same instructor and to reward me, when she split us into groups, she put me with the three biggest dummies. my choices were to take a C or a D or teach the group how to write.

  6. Billy says:

    You inspire me to keep learning. I want another degree so bad. Mine is useless.

    I have something for you. Text me!

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