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Have you ever felt the urge to get down on the ground and tear apart feces from various animals?  Me neither.    Despite my general stance of avoiding poo, this past week I went out and found lots and lots of … Continue reading

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‘Pete’ Died

To preface, I would like to say, I am NOT looking for a YOU GO GIRL! sort of reaction. When I was fifteen years old, I was square.  Maybe not in the way where you dress in Hush Puppies and … Continue reading

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Gordon and Beau

In my immediate family are three sisters. There’s Rachel, the eldest followed by Sarah and I am the baby. The fall of my senior year of high school, Rachel who was twenty-years-old, left the comfort of our parents house and … Continue reading

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Growing Up Grocery

I think there have to be lots of families that share one common detail. Maybe it’s something pleasant, like they all golf. Maybe it’s something worse, like they all smoke crack. Among plenty of families in this world there is … Continue reading

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