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Happy Birthday Pilver!!!

Ah, the terrible twos.  Looking forward to potty training this MOFO. Of course, we got a cake.  I think I am going to keep up the cake tradition, as then I get to eat it.  And the face on the … Continue reading

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July is National Post Every Day or something or other month for the blogging world.  I failed, already as I had nothing posted on July the first.  However, we can pretend yesterday did not exist.  But then I would not … Continue reading

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Melancholy Hues

Today was the first day of school, it was not Monday as I had thought..whoops! It was nice to have that extra day. Our first in class assignment was to start with this sentence and then keep writing for ten … Continue reading

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Stuff White People Like-The Blog!

I haven’t been writing in a few days because I am attempting to catch up with the writing I have been assigned in classes. However, I am still reading blogs like they are on fire and my viewing them will … Continue reading

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Some of you know already, and for the rest of you: I have a son. His name is Max and I am among the millions of parents that believe their child is the funniest most talented and smartest child alive. … Continue reading

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The worst part about going to school for writing is that you are left with no time to write.  There is more reading than there will ever be writing. And then there’s poetry.  I spent a considerable amount of time … Continue reading

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