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Hell’s Kitchen Blog

Last spring, my boss (who rules) asked me if I would be interested in penning blogs for the place I call home from Monday through Friday.   I work at Hell’s kitchen.  It has nothing to do with the reality show…it … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Pilver!!!

Ah, the terrible twos.  Looking forward to potty training this MOFO. Of course, we got a cake.  I think I am going to keep up the cake tradition, as then I get to eat it.  And the face on the … Continue reading

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OH…I forgot. I have a blog.

My two favorite blogs are now 1.  completely dead and 2. rarely updated.  Bleh.  Seems I am posting less these days as well.  It used to be I would get home from work, do homework, socialize if the day called … Continue reading

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They Grow Up So Fast!

One year ago today, I started this here blog. Somehow, I’ve managed to write one hundred eighty-eight posts. That means that just about every other day I sit here and write. And today, I gave The Pilver a birthday party. … Continue reading

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Stuff White People Like-The Blog!

I haven’t been writing in a few days because I am attempting to catch up with the writing I have been assigned in classes. However, I am still reading blogs like they are on fire and my viewing them will … Continue reading

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Top 7 Blog Posts I Have Read…not that I have read that many.

I read a lot of blogs. More than most. Most of the time I read, possibly comment, and then leave it at that. And then other times I read, comment, and then remember it a few weeks or months later … Continue reading

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I should be sweeping.

I don’t know about you, but when I am surfing blogs I should usually be doing something else. Working, sleeping, homework, cooking, etc. What is it that you should be doing right now? And being since it’s 1:26am and I … Continue reading

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Sometimes I feel a like Kip, though I have yet to sing about it. At six o’clock Monday through Friday I wake up to a brief but loud series of beeps. It’s coming from the desk in my make shift … Continue reading

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