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The Max’s Greatest Hits

I have a sister whom I tell all my best Max stories.  The Max is my eight year old son.  Each occasion where I recite a tale of his hilariousness I am scolded by my sister.  “Write these things down!” … Continue reading

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“If you worried about falling off the bike, you’d never get on.”

Max received his first bike when he was four.  He rode it until the tires wore thin. It had training wheels and I would raise them so that he might get the hang of it, but he never wanted them … Continue reading

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BB Gunning

Here in fabulous new town, there are about eight or so kids within a few houses with whom The Max has begun friendships.  Our old home was above restaurants on a major street with no kids around at all.  Even … Continue reading

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Head of the Class!

A couple years ago, I joined the modern past time of watching old TV shows on DVD, as previously stated in my Top TV shows on DVD post. It is rewarding, yet expensive. A great invention to help with the … Continue reading

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The Noble Experiment

I was somewhere between the ages of eleven and thirteen when my parents made me an offer:  Don’t watch TV for a year and we will give you five hundred hollers.  Whoa.  Of course, I took them up on this.  … Continue reading

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Depending on your definition of spoilers…this may have some. A dozen or more times per year, a movie is released to the theater that is labeled, “THE MUST SEE FAMILY MOVIE OF THE YEAR” This month, it was Coraline. 2009 … Continue reading

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Fun at the Polls

I read about the presidential election. I weighed the issues. I watched the debates. I listened to my friends and family tell me their reasoning for choosing their favorite. I am not going to say why or how I came … Continue reading

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