The Max’s Greatest Hits

I have a sister whom I tell all my best Max stories.  The Max is my eight year old son.  Each occasion where I recite a tale of his hilariousness I am scolded by my sister.  “Write these things down!” she always demands.  While I would be permanently stuck in my computer chair if I aimed at logging every story, I have written many here. I’ve decided to share my favorite and funniest Max stories posted on The Pilver.

The Max’s First Day

Max started Kindergarten.  I started crying.

WTF is What, Mommy?

Do not swear in front of children.

I simply titled this one, Max.

Every parent likes to show off illegible writing and drawings.

Awkward Opera.

I have no pictures of this, though I wish I had audio.  A very classic Max moment.

My First Stab at Memoir

I wrote this for memoir class in college.  It is a mish-mash of many stories, and somewhat long.

The Cure

Somehow, when Max was five, he decided his favorite song was, “Friday I’m in Love” by The Cure.  I started playing more and more of The Cure for him, and when a concert came within three states of us, I drug him to Chicago and made him see them live with me.

The Max Does Bourbon Street

This post had strippers and Max.


Max’s requisite prank 911 call.

Thanks For Clearing That Up Max

A fabulous explanation of waste.

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5 Responses to The Max’s Greatest Hits

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have to say that I’m torn between the WTF moment and the pee/poop chart. Both are great humorous moments. I couldn’t laugh too hard, I was at work!

  2. Jason says:

    Sorry. That was I.

  3. DJ D says:

    I LOVED reading over this. Some of these I’d read before, and some I hadn’t. I think he’s a genius.

  4. Thank you for this post! My little brother was very much the same and it reminds me of his little self!

    Keeps The Max posts coming


  5. Michael says:

    whoa. i’ve been here for every single max moment except for his first day of kindergarten.

    hm. i feel like i’m the (much smarter and more literary) audience of a much smarter and more literary truman show.

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