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Us Weekly circa 1981

US Weekly was only called US back then.  But if I titled the post “Us circa 1981” you would have probably expect a post about me and my sisters in 1981 sitting in the mud sharing a bag of M … Continue reading

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Head of the Class!

A couple years ago, I joined the modern past time of watching old TV shows on DVD, as previously stated in my Top TV shows on DVD post. It is rewarding, yet expensive. A great invention to help with the … Continue reading

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Not long ago after moving, I went to the local movie store.  My guess is that five or ten years ago it was an amazing place with stocked shelves full of every movie known to man.  It’s now as most … Continue reading

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The Pilver’s Summer 2009 Movie Preview

Memorial Day passed.  The school year has nearly expired.  My car’s heater is stuck on the hottest setting.  Summer is here!  I glorify attending movies any time of the year, but it is most rewarding in the summer.  There’s  always … Continue reading

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Star Trek………spoilers?? Not sure

So…Star Trek was nice, I enjoyed it. Twice. As a non-Trekkie, I cannot judge if it was accurate in relation to the origional series. I thought the plot was clever, watching it the second time, the time travel Spock concept … Continue reading

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Top 7 iPhone Apps

A month or more back, I was up for a new contract with my cell phone company.  So, being as I could, I dropped them and flocked to AT&T to see if the iPhone was worth all they hype.  It’s … Continue reading

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Floyd, Iowa

I saw a lot today.  A very beautiful city I had never been to.  I visited  one of the most recognizable American landmarks, and saw green grass for the first time since probably October.  But honestly, I just want to … Continue reading

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