Star Trek………spoilers?? Not sure

So…Star Trek was nice, I enjoyed it. Twice.

As a non-Trekkie, I cannot judge if it was accurate in relation to the origional series. I thought the plot was clever, watching it the second time, the time travel Spock concept was much more clear.

Really, the biggest critique I have for the film was One line Spock said. It was cheesebal. As captain Kirk is preparing to beam back onto the Enterprise, he says to Spock, “you cheated”. To which Spock replies, ” I learned it from an old friend.” Cringe!!!!!!! Oh Spock. A wise or even smug look would have been much smarter at this moment. If I knew you were going to say anything, I would guess it was this. And if I know what you are going to say, I will just sit at home and think about it and not spend ten bucks listening to you spout obvious lines.
But, overall, I thought it was a great film.


So, no internet yet. This is my first real attempt at WordPress via the phone. I hate it. However, I am going on four weeks sans Internet. A first since, ah, 1997? 98? Somewhere in there.

I still have a very flakey laptop. I’ve turned my long neglected novel into a screenplay (not done yet). But, I have narrowed my choice of directors down to two people. Too ambitious? I’ve bought and am reading Five books, and have spent much time making the new place outstanding. Have I mentioned how outstanding my new place is? You’ll love it.

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6 Responses to Star Trek………spoilers?? Not sure

  1. kristiane says:

    Ps…editing is next to impossible, so enjoy all those errors!

  2. mklasing says:

    Very impressive though that you are doing this via phone! My phone calls people and people call me–beyond that I have little idea about what it can do. It probably has the launch codes for our nukes and I’ll get the call one day from the CIA to launch and I’ll be like “Crap, everytime I try and access my email while on the phone I turn the whole darn thing off!” and China will win.

    Man, I better go get the instruction booklet–now where is that thing?…

  3. dailytri says:

    I took my son to Star Trek expecting the worst, but the movie kicked ass. I’m also not a Trekkie. It was hard, though, not to watch reruns after school during my junior high years. The scene is set for more Star Trek sequels. nicely done J.J. Abrams.

  4. kittymao says:

    I know – the flick was totally COOL!
    I would love to see it again, but I have a BF that tries very hard to not let me slide into geek mode.

  5. kristiane says:

    Kitty-get a new bf…or come see it again with me.

  6. T says:

    Star Trek was surprisingly good… so was the new Terminator. I may be biased because of the man-crush I have on Christian Bale and the “regular” crush I have on Bryce Dallas Howard (and Helena Bonham Carter, albeit not so much in the Terminator because she was sickly and kind of gross…), but I have to say it was the best Terminator movie I’ve ever seen. Although, the Aquabots might make me think twice about swimming in Blue Lake this summer (I’ve always known that “something” lived in that lake).

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