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#1 The Max called 911 this weekend.  I received a follow up call informing me that the police department was en route to my home to see why we were in the midst of an emergency. Punishment ensued. #2 The … Continue reading

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For whatever reason, I understood while I was experiencing the ages 13-18 that those were going to be the funnest and most carefree times I would get.  I understood that no boy I was going to have a crush on … Continue reading

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Funny Voicemail Recordings

Here’s an old video I came across while monkeying around with my MySpace page. It’s my families idea of a good time, making voice mail recordings. When I had a lot more time on my hands I called and recorded … Continue reading

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The Strangest Conversations I Ever Had With …Strangers

Prior to moving back to Minnesota I was in Seattle for nearly five years where I worked at a coffee shop named Bus Stop Espresso that may have well just been a singles bar. Though the pairings that occurred there … Continue reading

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