I Met Delilah

I am too tired to explain it all. Here’s a shorter version.

Way back when, I did a couple posts on Delilah, from The Delilah Show featured on many soft-rock stations nation wide. Turns out, they read it and sent me an email to let them know when I would next be in the Seattle area so that I might get to see the women herself at her cafe‘.

I, in turn, emailed back to say that I was coming for a visit. Yesterday I received an email saying that she was going to be at Delilah’s Cozy Kitchin’ today, and that was the only time that was gonna work. Oh, and her cafe was six hours from where I was AND it was going to be at 11:30am. So, I woke up at five this morning and made the drive. Totally worth it. She gave me a signed book and a signed photo. Really nice woman, who has TEN KIDS!! Five of those kids were milling around her shop. The man standing sitting next to her asked if I wanted an autograph from him as well. I felt like an enormous idiot, but I had no clue who he was. Turns out he is the local DJ from the radio station where she airs here in Seattle. I did explain to him that I do not live there, and I hope that made me look less like a ninny.

Then, of course I got a picture with her. The woman is much taller than I expected. I don’t exactly know what I expected, but she was taller than that.

Guess which one of us got no sleep last night?

Oh yeah, the best part. When I met her she said, “Oh, yeah, I read your blog last night!”

Now if I could only do the same with Robert Smith…

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11 Responses to I Met Delilah

  1. dohopoki says:

    She is taller than I expected. Or maybe you’re shorter. Or maybe I haven’t actually thought about it at all until now.

    Do you want my autograph too?

  2. Amy says:

    you are just so little, you make regular sized people look ENORMOUS.

    because of this, we can never be seen in the same place.

  3. squee4242 says:

    You are the queen of Vacation!

    I think we can official call you a celebrity blogger now, as well. You know, like Matt Drudge or Perez Hilton…”Celebrity Blogger The Pilver up next with a report on the best roadside attractions, but first here’s Anderson Cooper with today’s headlines”.

  4. Greg says:

    Very cool, very cool!

  5. Billy says:

    Goodness that is funny. I’m so proud of you. That is really cool in so many ways. The only person of semi celebrity status that reads mine is Norma Lee. And she is crazy.

  6. JoshC says:

    Perez hilton, bah!
    Perex hilton’s got nothin’ on Kristiane.
    sounds like your having an awesome time!

    and Bill, if Norma Lee really reads your blog you are one lucky guy.

  7. Gabriel... says:

    “Now if I could only do the same with Robert Smith…”

    …or Jesus. That’d be cool.

  8. kittymao says:

    Jesus reads MY blog.
    But I’ve never had a picture with any famous.
    Well, that’s not true- I do have a pic of me with Jesus on my blog.
    But it’s photoshopped.

    So Kristiane wins.

  9. sarah says:

    You have the cutest bangs!

  10. sarah says:

    I love knowing that wherever I am, I can find Delilah on the radio

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