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Seventeen Magazine – July, 1975

When I was in high school, I began to shop at thrift stores.  Wearing vintage clothing was fun for me and my giggly girlfriends.  Now, I shop there because I can find a pie tin for 49 cents.  For 99 … Continue reading

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Tight Rolled Pants Are Back!

I like 80’s fashion. However, I am not going to walk around dressed like Madonna or the members Bangles during their prime. I think an 80’s fad is coming back that I can wrap my jelly bracelet adorned arms around. … Continue reading

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I (don’t really wanna) Hate Mondays

We all know why Monday gets the bad rap, you’re tired from over sleeping and over staying up from the previous couple days and the six o’clock alarm come Monday morning is like taking a sheet of ice and placing … Continue reading

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Taco Del Mar

When I was 15 and we moved to Washington, I fully expected for the entire state to be covered in flannel with blue hair singing along to Kurt Cobain. Instead we moved to Tonasket, which was covered in Wranglers with … Continue reading

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Skinny Pants

If you are a woman. You just might have them. I am not sure how the men feel about pant sizes. The majority that I know probaly couldn’t care less. An on that note, men, I think the baggy pants … Continue reading

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