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The Pilver’s Summer 2009 Movie Preview

Memorial Day passed.  The school year has nearly expired.  My car’s heater is stuck on the hottest setting.  Summer is here!  I glorify attending movies any time of the year, but it is most rewarding in the summer.  There’s  always … Continue reading

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Bumblebee Snickers

I was chatting with Crown Combo’s Mystie the other day.  She mentioned Transformer’s M & Ms and a further quest to locate Bumblebee Snickers.   Last night as I was purchasing a bottle of 7up at the gas station, I found … Continue reading

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Star Trek………spoilers?? Not sure

So…Star Trek was nice, I enjoyed it. Twice. As a non-Trekkie, I cannot judge if it was accurate in relation to the origional series. I thought the plot was clever, watching it the second time, the time travel Spock concept … Continue reading

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Cherry Dr. Pepper & Ruby Splash Sierra Mist

I’m all moved into the new place and out of the old!  Fifteen years after leaving the house I grew up in, I am back in that same town.  I am a bit weirded out to be back here on … Continue reading

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‘Pete’ Died

To preface, I would like to say, I am NOT looking for a YOU GO GIRL! sort of reaction. When I was fifteen years old, I was square.  Maybe not in the way where you dress in Hush Puppies and … Continue reading

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The Max Does Bourbon Street

We just spent four near perfect days in New Orleans.   I found  steal for our hotel, the weather was gorgeous (with the exception of rain one night) and there was so much to do, I must go back soon.  I … Continue reading

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The Pilver Reviews Southern Food

Today I drove to Biloxi, Mississippi.  I realize the last time I posted I was about Iowa.  I have much in the middle to share later.  The purpose of traveling to Biloxi was running around a beach, which we did.  … Continue reading

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Floyd, Iowa

I saw a lot today.  A very beautiful city I had never been to.  I visited  one of the most recognizable American landmarks, and saw green grass for the first time since probably October.  But honestly, I just want to … Continue reading

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Ella’s Deli

For the past three years, my sister has been living in Madison, Wisconsin.  It’s a pleasant four hour drive from where I live in St. Paul and I have visited her more than a dozen times.  On the way to … Continue reading

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My computer(s) have been yucky for the past few weeks.  Tonight, I fixed one of them, this excites me and I decided I needed to post…anything at all.  So, here is my ramble on Lent. I went the first twenty-one … Continue reading

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