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16 days ’til Advent

When I was living in Seattle and working at a coffee shop, a really nice man would come in each year and bring all the baristas an advent calender with chocolates in the windows of each day. He always let … Continue reading

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Bumblebee Snickers

I was chatting with Crown Combo’s Mystie the other day.  She mentioned Transformer’s M & Ms and a further quest to locate Bumblebee Snickers.   Last night as I was purchasing a bottle of 7up at the gas station, I found … Continue reading

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My Sister: The Map-Maker

Sarah, the middle sister in my family, is attending the University of Wisconsin Madison and earning some sort of fancy paper that will show the world she is better than you at making online and or interactive maps. This past … Continue reading

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Buckets of Urine at the Republican National Convention

So, the RNC begins tomorrow. I am, as tg puts it, “wildly indifferent” about party lines. I love and hate things about both sides. But one thing I also hate is other people’s urine. Here’s the link to the story … Continue reading

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The Real Man Behind Hell’s Kitchen

My boss is Mitch Omer, the owner of Hell’s Kitchen. He is well over six feet tall. He’s loud as, well, Hell. There is nothing about the man that screams, “I am a normal guy!” When he enters the building … Continue reading

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The Daily Pilver

I am three feet from the finish line in my first year of College-o-Rama. Instead of doing a final edit of my final paper that is my final project for the semester I am going to play reporter. The Daily … Continue reading

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