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Cherry Dr. Pepper & Ruby Splash Sierra Mist

I’m all moved into the new place and out of the old!  Fifteen years after leaving the house I grew up in, I am back in that same town.  I am a bit weirded out to be back here on … Continue reading

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See ya later!

Following several issues from both landlords, the Uhaul co., etc. etc. etc…I will be moving.   I looked at a bunch of places, and chose one I found somewhere in the middle of my search.   I actually gave up after … Continue reading

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Moving is the best!

Maybe I am getting excited over some new mysterious place that will be as disappointing as this, but I am really fired up to move right now.  Why?  Last night, Max fell asleep in my bed.  I am well aware … Continue reading

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I Met a Blogger

About seventy-five years back, I stumbled across a little website called x-entertainment. I fell in love with it immediately because of the content and the readers and blog posters who, like me were insanely obsessed with nostalgia, holidays, and cold … Continue reading

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Kristiane’s posting her homework again…

This is an essay in a series of related essays So, if it parts don’t make sense it is because it is in the middle of the series. For the entirety of my childhood the whole family was expected to … Continue reading

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One night about 12am in June, 1994

    “I bet they’re asleep” my sixteen year old sister Sarah said. She was whispering from the top of one of two bunk bed sets placed side by side in the bedroom the four of us were sharing. I … Continue reading

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