Tight Rolled Pants Are Back!

I like 80’s fashion. However, I am not going to walk around dressed like Madonna or the members Bangles during their prime. I think an 80’s fad is coming back that I can wrap my jelly bracelet adorned arms around. . I saw this picture today of Katie Holmes which had a caption explaining that this was the “new” look for denim this fall. NEW MY FOOT! I rocked the tight roll for many years…many years ago. I won’t lie, I am stoked that it is returning. but, at my old age is it too late to follow the fad once again?

Though seriously, Katie, you could use a size smaller.

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8 Responses to Tight Rolled Pants Are Back!

  1. tg says:

    Why does Katie Holmes lower half always look so much bigger than her upper half? Seriously, it isn’t just this picture either…she has always looked like that to me. Her legs and thighs look like they belong on someone just slightly taller and slightly wider. Looking at her in this picture makes my head hurt…its like an optical illusion, like the painting of the stairs that go in every which direction or the hands drawing each other or Tobey Maguire’s hair…IT JUST CAN’T EXIST IN REAL LIFE!

  2. kristiane says:

    If you can produce one more picture, i may believe you. But for now, I think it’s the pants.

  3. dohopoki says:

    I’ve been seeing this for a couple years now. Either the people around me are slightly behind the curve or so far past the curve they’re laying in the ditch.

  4. Taoist Biker says:

    Of all the 80s fashions that could come back, this is probably one of the least offensive. Sure as hell beats those sternum-high waisted jeans that they’re apparently trying to bring back.

  5. Amy says:

    jesus, look at the rise on those jeans, it must be a good 14 inches. no wonder it looks like her bottom half is enormous. they are probably the jeans tom played volleyball in back in the 80’s.

    i am all for tight rolling. i never got into the skinny jeans thing, but this is something i could go back to…

  6. The jeans are cool, I’d be fine with the tight roll coming back. I agree with TB about the jeans that are really overalls without the shoulder-straps…

    …But can someone PLEASE buy her eyeware that doesn’t look like she mugged someone on Dynasty?

  7. kristiane says:

    doho- you are actually from another time period and are writing via some strange internet time portal, I think anyhow.

    Amy- Skinny jeans only look alright with long shirts, or on the 1% of the population that lack body fat, but then they look all messed up anyway too.

    Dead- yes. the glasses. they must go.

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