I (don’t really wanna) Hate Mondays


We all know why Monday gets the bad rap, you’re tired from over sleeping and over staying up from the previous couple days and the six o’clock alarm come Monday morning is like taking a sheet of ice and placing it on your bare back. It stings.

However, I was thinking this morning as I was not at all wanting to get out of the bed and walk to my car at the start of the first day in Minnesota that feels like spring that I would like to like Mondays.

Tuesday through Thursday get a blah mark in most of our books. There may be a TV show you follow on one of those days and that will be the highlight of that day. Then comes Friday, and although this means work for those of us where “workday” is synonymous with “weekday”. Friday moods are always lighter. I mean, that’s why they are the days where you may wear jeans and all. Do “Casual Fridays” still exists? I have never worked a day in an office and I have no idea about the concept except for what I have heard. Moving on, the day is celebratory in that you will not have to work or wake up at any given time for two full days. This is very obvious in the restaurant industry as I have seen more people “treat” themselves to going out to lunch or by buying a latte on these days.

This pisses the socks off my feet. In theory, we are only allowed to fully enjoy 2 days a week and those remaining 5 are given away? Yes, enjoy is subjective as to what you enjoy.
And I like my job. Just not on Monday.

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9 Responses to I (don’t really wanna) Hate Mondays

  1. kittymao says:

    I know, it irks me too. It’s like giving your life away to others, and only live for yourself.
    If I didn’t have to work, I wouldn’t- mostly cause I hate the idea that I have to spend my life working on making someone else happy.

    And I kind of like mondays- mondays are full of promise for a potentially exciting work week. Sometimes they are! Sometimes not.

  2. essaytch says:

    Yeah, “Casual Fridays” still exist…at least in my office! Oh, and if you’re lucky, sometimes there will be in-office happy hours on Fridays: with alcohol and everything! And let me just say, any time Fabulous New Job not only sanctions drinking but also PROVIDES the alcohol, I’m there. Besides, its almost like work ends at 3 on those days…as if things couldn’t get any better.

    But I’ll never like Mondays. EVER.

  3. kristiane says:

    essay- When work actually provides the alcohol, does it take some of the fun out of getting drunk at work? 😉

  4. essaytch says:

    No, never. Drunk consultants are always hilarious. No matter what.

  5. Greg says:

    Mondays are flat out traumatic to me.
    You reminded me of a line from Seinfeld where Newman says “Tuesdays have no feeling.
    At least this Monday is over.

  6. mklasing says:

    Mondays are a a bit of a drag usually–but in my profession I often have to be in Court on Mondays–and I LOVE being in Court–so on those Mondays, I’m happy. We have casual Fridays–jeans and all-but no alcohol. I may send a resume to Essay’s workplace.

  7. kristiane says:

    MOndays= Court? wow, that sounds like a bunch of fun 😉

  8. Billy says:

    “pisses the socks off my feet”

    I’m taking that one. I would normally ask but I am taking it. I’m about to use it in a minute. Just watch. 😉

  9. kristiane says:

    it’s yours Billy!

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