Sometimes I feel a like Kip, though I have yet to sing about it.

At six o’clock Monday through Friday I wake up to a brief but loud series of beeps. It’s coming from the desk in my make shift office between the living room and the dining room of my two bedroom apartment. This sounds alerts me to the fact that it is now time to get out of my fluffy bed and start my day. The beeps are coming from my Motorola Trio Q, or as I refer to it: my phone.

My son, who has at this point been up for an hour smearing Fruit Loops onto the living room coffee table, will usually bring me the phone at this time. This is so that the sound of it no longer interrupts his cartoon viewing that he holds so sacred to his heart.

First I turn the snooze function on so that I will not be bothered for another 10 minutes. I then, while still lying in bed, proceed to fire up the phones internet feature and check my email. After email I check to see if I have received any blog comments in the middle of the night. After which I place the phone next to my head and fall asleep for a few minutes longer.

When I wake up the second time I turn my phone’s alarm off and get myself ready for either work or school. Then I dress my son after cleaning the fruit loops off of his cheeks. We go on our way to our daily doings and just prior to arriving at my destination I turn the sound off on my phone but never actually turn the phone off. I keep it beside me at all times. There’s a lovely pocket on my apron at work which holds the phone for the moments when there is no boss around so that I can check to see if I have gotten more emails or comments. The other thing that I love to check for is texts. On any given day I will send and receive dozens of texts. I used to be bothered by the cost of these things until I found out that I could pay one sum a month and never worry about going over the limit. Sometimes life is good.

Other fabulous things which my cell phone is valuable for is checking the weather, reading news stories, and using mapquest when I get lost or turned around. I can basically get to any web site that I can on my computer at home via my cell phone.
On my way home from work I turn the sound back on so that I know immediately if and when I receive an alert. At home the phone goes back into the jack hooked up to my laptop where any photos I may have taken during the day are then fed onto the computer for backup.

As I get ready for bed I turn the alarm back on and know that the next day me and my phone will do the same thing once again.

And someday I am actually going to make a call with it.

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4 Responses to Technology

  1. Greg says:

    Oh my God it’s Lafawnda!
    I thought she was so cool in Napoleon Dynamite. Isn’t her name Shondrell or Shawndrell? I think she’s also very good on “Girls Behaving Badly”. Is that still on?

  2. tony says:

    i love the frank admiision to your addiction . I can see how faninating this computer , blogging , texting can be . But so what it’s fun and this state is miserable place ( bitchy tony) with weather that goes to extremes mucjh like my personality hmmmmmm.

  3. Kris says:

    I use my phone as an alarm clock too! I hate waking up to that loud generic beeping from a regular alarm clock. Instead I wake up to Gimme Shelter by the Stones. Much more satisfying. I had to stop texting when I started doing it in my sleep though. Sleep texting leads to hookups with ex-girlfriends. Not a comfortable slope.

  4. tony says:

    my spelling sucks ass and i don’t care .. blah blah blah . sleep texting hmmmmmm that sound delicious dirty right up my alley .

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