My Sister: The Map-Maker

Sarah, the middle sister in my family, is attending the University of Wisconsin Madison and earning some sort of fancy paper that will show the world she is better than you at making online and or interactive maps. This past summer she lived on Mount Rainier in Washington state and mapped out climbing incidents for the National Park. She entered the map in a (I believe) global contest for maps and the little bugger won. (I can call her little cause though she’s older than me, she’s tiny, where as I am a giant.)

CLICK ME! CLICK ME! and you can see the page at her university that brags of her acheivement as well as links to the map itself.

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4 Responses to My Sister: The Map-Maker

  1. Amy says:

    that’s very cool!

    that’s the kind of thing i would never even realize you could go to school for…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Whatever. NO ONE is better than me at making online and/or interactive maps. No one. I don’t care what her fancy degree says. See, look at this:

    Me ——> Booze

    See, that is a map of how I get to booze. It’s always a straight line. A perfect online map, and I just did that in like, three seconds.

    Your move, S-Bell.

  3. tg says:

    Oops…that above comment was mine, btw. I always forget to login first…

  4. Bell says:

    Tim, actually that is a really spectacular online map. It is really a minimalist approach, and I love it.

    It was not a global competition. Just a national competition. Thanks for posting one of the cheesier photos of me 😉

    I miss you and Max!

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