16 days ’til Advent

When I was living in Seattle and working at a coffee shop, a really nice man would come in each year and bring all the baristas an advent calender with chocolates in the windows of each day.


He always let us know that it was a really fine chocolate, despite the reality that they were tasteless waxy little chunks.  Even so, his thoughtfulness meant I had advent calenders and I loved them.

My first Christmas away from Seattle I was craving some daily Christmas spirit and holiday joy.  Thankfully I found XE.  Now every year I get to see Knacks and Kuse rifle through Playmobile’s Advent toy boxes.  There’s no way any of this can make sense to you unless you are already a follower.  But seriously, it’s the best 25 days of the year.

So, this is my yearly shout-out to Matt C. and his dedication to an amazing tradition.  I’m a bit early, but hey, my tree’s already up too.

kuse and mare

Click on that picture to see last years Advent from December 1st.

Or even better, watch Waiterbot’s Vlog:

And then, see the masterpiece I made with MS Paint 🙂

knacks and me

Sorry for stealing all your photos…

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2 Responses to 16 days ’til Advent

  1. Jeff says:

    I love that video. I remember that commercial vividly.

  2. sarah says:

    Beatboxing? Longer! Where is it?

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