First Halloween Purchase of the Season!

I’m just a basic boring lady who loves to love fall.  Sweaters and pumpkin spice and leaves changing color all energize me.  September 1st is my favorite day of the year as it is the date that I finally allow myself to break out the scented candles and fall decor.  But if I am being completely honest, I don’t obsess over Halloween.  I like Halloween, quite a bit.  But it is merely the first stop in the trilogy of significant holidays that in my opinion get better and better.

September means fall, and days getting colder.  I like cold.  I’m very Scandinavian and really don’t sweat much.  I know you came here to hear about my perspiration patterns  so I’ll continue.  If you do not sweat the heat of the sun simply enters your body and does not leave.  So while some are glistening in the sunshine I am becoming a literal oven getting warmer and warmer with each passing minute.  I am uncomfortable outside if it is over eighty degrees.  During hot spells where I live, and it can get dang hot, the only relief I really have in the summer is entering a deep freezer.  Luckily I manage a business that requires I shop for supplies at a store that has a walk in freezer.  Twice a week I go get the orders and I stand inside those freezers until my core is cold.  Sometimes I don’t even need to purchase a frozen item, so I’m just standing there like a kid loitering at the 7-11 with a dumb look on my face while others are stocking up on ice cream and frozen chicken patties.

So I’m on a tangent.  Basically I love fall, hate heat, and don’t obsess over Halloween.  However today I had a few minutes to kill after standing in the deep freezer and popped into Marshall’s to grab a cheap t-shirt since I spilled soda on mine and didn’t want to continue my errands with a stained shirt.  Of course they had a display of autumn goodies and I checked them out.

halloween decor

I came away with a few winners, today I show you this glorious item.  It’s about a foot tall and wide.  This pumpkin haunted house lights up in the windows which looks really awesome in the dark but takes a terrible picture so you will just have to imagine it.  I do not have a large Halloween decoration collection but this is making me want to acquire one.  I also want an upright piano as I believe that would be the best place to display this treasure.  Hopefully my writing streak continues and I can show you the other items I found tomorrow.  Until then I am going to lay in the dark staring at this pumpkin.

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