Moving is the best!

Maybe I am getting excited over some new mysterious place that will be as disappointing as this, but I am really fired up to move right now.  Why?  Last night, Max fell asleep in my bed.  I am well aware that he is far too old to be sleeping with Mommy, but sometimes I am too lazy to drag him out.  He likes to play the Wii, and the Wii is in my room for the time being.  In the middle of the night, he says to me, “Mommy, the ceiling fell on me.”   He was half asleep and so was I.    So, like any good mother would, I ignored him and went back to thinking about little red wagons and coat buttons shaped like soda bottles or whatever crazy dream I was having.

My alarm rang at 6am and I grabbed my mp3 player and turned on, Ruby Tuesday, (our wake up song of the day.)  I was lying there listening to the song, and staring at the ceiling…whoops.  It was kinda gone.  Sure, it was there, but it was also, gone? I looked over at the floor, and there it was.  Crap.  So, I checked the boy for cuts, bruises, and a pulse.  He was fine, thank God.  The pieces that fell were sharp and I imagine if it had hit either of our heads, we could been less alive than we are.




Oh, there it is.

There it is.  My ceiling.  I have had leaking in the past, that was ‘fixed’ but I guess it was not fixed all the way.  The bummer big time is that my landlord is not a bad guy or a slum lord.  He’s really great.  Anytime I have a problem, yo, he solves it…and within a day.

However, I have been planning on moving this summer anyhow,  but I think I will do it sooner.  Went to some stores to day and begged for their boxes, packed up a bunch and threw away more.  I called several house listings and property managers.  My fingers are crossed that I get the deal of the century.

But, here is why I love moving…in a hasty Top 7 fashion.

7. Packing

I LOVE packing.  I love the idea that all my things are contained and organized. If I could put literally everything in a box, I would.  They don’t make couch sized boxes, so far as I know.

6. Getting rid of Stuff

While packing, I usually dump a lot of things.  I already have filled the dumpsters at  this place until next garbage day.

5. Writing on boxes.

I never move all my stuff all by myself.  So, when I pack, I like to write notes and or tape pictures onto the boxes that people will be carrying.  I hope they enjoy it as well.

4. Having a clean house.

When you move in, the place is typically immaculate.  I always promise myself it will stay that way, though it never does. But I am still reciting this lie in my head for my upcoming home.

3. New neighbors

Sometimes neighbors are fun.  Sometimes you never talk to them. And sometimes they yell at you for not accepting their invite for pork chops.  But there’s always the hope that they are going to be nice and enjoyable.

2. Something will be better.

I probably won’t get to be in a as great of a neighborhood as I am in now.  I might have to do the suburbs.  But, something will be better.  I might have a laundry room, a yard and heat that works!  I will enjoy those things.

1.  Buying ‘Things’

When you move, you usually have to buy something.  A new shower curtain, a rug, etc.  I don’t typically buy house goods, as I feel silly for purchasing things for a place I don’t own.    But when I HAVE to, I love it.  Consumerism, it’s a disease.

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6 Responses to Moving is the best!

  1. JEsseJAmes says:

    Wow Hun we seem to have the same feelings right now in life. Im really happy i got to read your list today of all days. I finaly set in stone over the last few weeks i have been contemplating moving for a while now. (back to fargo) And its finaly hit me as a very wise move on my part today and i desided i will be moving sooner than i hoped for but honestly i think theres no way to get up there unless i throw myself up there by next month. I have been visiting for the last month now and have another train ticket to go visit agian two weeks from now and im also going up on friday road trip style. so i hope wondering spirits like us get nothing but great karma in our moves and im sorry for the horrid puncuation and spelling compaired to how well you type.

    :LOve Your Friend, JEsse JAmes

  2. To be honest, those are the 7 reasons why I HATE moving. 😦

    I like my happy, little rut.

  3. Amy says:

    When we bought our house four years ago, the most exciting part was NOT having to move in a year. But you and Max are so tiny, your stuff probably isn’t as big as ours.

  4. Will says:

    I remember when you moved. Especially the joy of the hard wood floors.

  5. kristiane says:

    Jesse- Good luck, and keep in touch please

    Billy- yes, me and my nerdy scooter. 🙂

  6. Amy says:

    Did you move?

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