I cannot feel upset when I hear this song.

I was a HUUUUUGE fan of Mr Rogers when I was a kid.   I could take or leave Sesame Street, but I needed a bubble opera and The Trolley and I wanted his stoplight and his fish.  Oh, I cherished that show.  The intro song was fine and all, but I just loved the end.

Are you down? Are your parents getting a divorce?  Does the bully at Pre-School beat you up?  No biggie.  Song this little ditty, you will cheer up!

Today, I sing it because I want to stay home and plant flowers, but I have to go to work.

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5 Responses to I cannot feel upset when I hear this song.

  1. Jeff says:

    Today I sing it because I got called for jury duty 😛

  2. DJ D says:

    Thanks for this. Great song. I was always a huge fan too. To this day, when I come home from work I want to change my sweater, and throw one shoe in the air as I change from shoes to slippers.

    I once had a professor who worked on Mr. Rogers’s show. He said he was like that all the time, and they had a rule on the set that you weren’t allowed to yell or say the word, “no”.

  3. Bad Pants says:

    Bad Pants = Nom de plume of one Nicholas Rogers.

    My grandpa (one Irwin Rogers) and Fred McFeely Rogers were cousins and actually met in the early 60’s when cousin Fred was a puppeteer on a TV show airing on WQED in Pittsburgh. An old framed kodachrome picture of them standing together has been on the wall of my grandpa’s study for about half-a-century now.

    My grandfather’s admiration for his cousin wasn’t about puppets or TV, it was about seeing a man who was an ordained minister also participate and value secular work. A combination that has always been dear to my grandpa’s heart.

    That, and he could sing; which was ALSO dear to my grandpa’s heart.

    I remember watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood every day, because I deeply loved seeing someone with the same name smiling and creating a wonderful world where things were always OK.

    I still sing “It’s a beautiful day in the Neighborhood” when I walk into work on nice mornings, and I still sing the “Good Feeling” song in my head when I need a pick-me-up.

    This post really REALLY made my day. I needed this at exactly the moment I happened across it. Thank you.

    If you’d like to get some insight into Fred Rogers, this link http://bigbroth.multiply.com/journal/item/3/Can_you_say…Hero has a reprint of the article Tom Junod, one of my journalism heroes, wrote about Mr. Roger’s and his show for Esquire Magazine in 98. If you loved Mr. Rogers as a kid, I dare you to read it and not tear up before you finish it.

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