Creepy Old men…They’re EVERYWHERE!

At work today, my last table of the day was a group of four men. Four very nice looking slighty-older-than-middle-aged business men. I greeted them with a smile and asked how they were doing. Three mumbled fine, and the fourth looked straight into my soul and said, “The girl I wanna do just said she thought I was cute, so I am doing great today!” He then ordered an iced tea.

I brought them their drinks , giving Old Gross Dude a diet coke on accident. After the three quiet men ordered, the fourth said, “I dunno, what should I have?” I told him he would have a grilled cheese with fries and then walked away, before he could protest. Though I did hear him say he liked a woman who could tell him what to do.

I am gonna get fired one of these days.


Unnecessary EDIT: I am going to try to write every day until school starts. (Aug. 24th) The only reason I write this is because now that it is out there, I might actually follow through. The end!

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6 Responses to Creepy Old men…They’re EVERYWHERE!

  1. tony says:

    i love that you tell it like it is . how are you ?

  2. kristiane says:

    I am great, tony. YOU ARE MISSED! I hope life is going great for you!

  3. Amy says:

    this is funny, and also why i could never be a waitress. i’ve been told i say the things that other people only think.

  4. kristiane says:

    It depends on the restaurant, there are some where it is expected. Mine…not so much.

  5. mylucidkarma says:

    I’m a straight shooter myself and wouldn’t know how to speak if at least one foot wasn’t in my mouth. When I was younger I was a bartender at a local place my friend owned. Worked there raising my little ones as I could work while they slept. Time and time again my “tell it like it is” attitude paid more than the gals who slurped around trying to be cute and flirtatious. I worked there 2 years. There wasn’t one night that I didn’t have at least twice as many tips as those I worked with. The ability to recognize a perv or tell someone to take a flying leap are the things that get you through life. And yes you might get fired, but you can walk out those doors knowing you didn’t compromise yourself. Eventually it will be appreciated, you just watch and see.

  6. Hoblit says:

    Yeah, I don’t get it. A guy tries to be friendly and not as blah as his friends and immediately gets labeled as a ‘creepy guy’. This leads to him getting bad service from a self righteous waitress who will later receive praise from self righteous supporters with a hoorah of ‘you go girl’ type comments.

    I agree, his comments were a little off color but it sounds like you yourself would say similar things. I know, it was your last table of the day and you just wanted to get out there to get back to your blog.

    -Average Creepy Guy.

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