Top 7 Retro TV Shows on DVD

Upon meeting tg I learned that he loved loved loved the show Scrubs. Though he never watched the series on television, only DVD. I thought this was strange, how could you not want to be on the edge of your seat on Thursday nights to see what crazy things would happen in the lives of those at Sacred Heart? Well, I am now converted to one of those who watches shows on DVD. It is just too wonderful to sit down at night with a box full of chicken kickers and know that I can see ten episodes of a show in a row without commercials to ruin them for me. I also have an invisible queue in my head of the shows that I must buy to watch in the future. Life has never felt more complete. Here are the top 7 retro series on DVD at this point in time. (Note: shows that are on constant rerun on television have little chance of making the list)

7.Magnum PI
I was sometimes allowed to stay up past my bedtime to watch this show. I would grab a pillow and a blanket and lay on the living room floor. And I would fall asleep, every time. So I think I should watch them again and see if they would have been worth fighting the sandman.

6.Love Boat

Could be the greatest theme show intro ever, just when Isaac Washington points right at you. I would always give the two handed point back…so did you.

5.Doogie Howser MD


I liked this show when it was on, and I never really thought about it again. But the best part was at the end of the day, little Doogie, would whip out the computer diary page and let us know his inner most secrets. Thanks Neil Patrick Harris. Thanks even more for Purple People Eater.

4.Get a Life

It’s a tv show with Chris Elliot (boo) and it takes place in my current home, St Paul, (yay) I actually remember watching this show during it’s original and very short run.

3.Bosom Buddies
My mom never let us watch much of this being that there were cross dressers in it. I think she missed the point.

2.Perfect Strangers

Why? Is it the Dance of Joy? Is it learning about the Island of Mypos? Of course not Don’t be ridiculous, it’s the opening song and that guy leaning against the fence with shades on bobbing his head. (you can find him at about second 23 of the video)

1. Sledge Hammer
I don’t think they could get away with a show about a man in love with his gun today. Which is why this is the next series on my list to buy. I cannot believe I would watch the crap out of this show when I was 7. I had a great sense of humor at an early age apparently.

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8 Responses to Top 7 Retro TV Shows on DVD

  1. essaytch says:

    I too am a “watch it on DVD” girl when it comes to television shows: Prison Break, Lost, Heroes, Stargate (my newest addiction)…I’ve come to love them all after the fact, by renting the DVDs. And Magnum P.I? LOVED that show growing up…had no idea it was out on DVD. Now I know what’s next in my NetFlix queue….

  2. tg says:

    DVD is the greatest thing to happen to television…I’m glad I could convert you. I’m a little sad “Perfect Strangers” only gets #2 though! “Sledge Hammer” ahead of Balki! Ummm…did “Sledge Hammer” last for EIGHT SEASONS! No…I didn’t think so.

    Incidentally, “Magnum P.I.” has the second best opening credits sequence, after “Perfect Strangers” including a delicious shot of Tom Selleck SLAM DUNKING A BASKETBALL!


  3. kristiane says:

    Sledge hammer should’ve lasted longer.

  4. Billy says:

    Sledge Hammer was my favorite! I swear you are the only person I know who remembers Sledge Hammer! I try to bring it up at times with random people only to get weird looks and head shakes. Then I get caustic.
    Sorry I have been a stranger. and not a perfect one. Hoo haha!

  5. kittymao says:

    Nw, Dood. I remember SledgeHammer. I also remember thinking that fella was OFF. And I was like… five? That show actually creeped me out a bit. The Gun on that silk pillow, with the engraved handle in the opening sequence- I remember THAT like the back of my hand- followed shortly by “What are you doing? GO TO BED!” and a swift swat on the derierre.

  6. kristiane says:

    Billy- Nice one 😉

    Kitty- Yeah, it was off. But I think that’s why I have such a desire to watch it again.

  7. Michael says:

    All I know from that list are Doogie Howser and Magnum P.I., both great shows.

    I saw a lot of old shows in my childhood…mostly on reruns (like Columbo, Murder She Wrote, Air Wolf, Macguyver, Knight Rider, etc). I was pretty retro…so I was painfully out of touch with kids when they would talk about the latest Power Rangers episodes and stuff.

    But many of these shows are too retro for me. I do remember watching parts of the occasional Love Boat rerun…and quickly switching back to Knight Rider or something.

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