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American Idol Coke Bottle Mystery

Yesterday I showed you the new Mountain Dew flavors. The grocery shopping trip where I bought those was limited edition soda heavy as I also found American Idol Coke.  The end cap of the supermarket aisle had a bin full … Continue reading

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Diet Coke

July 4, 1982. Where were you when the soda giant Coca-Cola launched its devil beverage simply titled, “Diet Coke?” In the twenty-six plus years since that day, the diet drink has taken over every other soda in sales with the … Continue reading

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Top 7 Summer Commercials

I guess it’s gonna be summer soon. I woke up this morning and could feel the muggy air and looming thunderstorm. Soon we’ll be swimming in the lake and eating Popsicles by the dozen. Also, we will be bombarded with … Continue reading

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