My Dirty Little Secret

Did I mention I’m not staying at my home for a few months?  I’m not.  I’m living it up in a condo while my house is being finished.  And by living it up I mean taking money out of the money set aside to finish my house to rent a place to live so my littlest kids don’t eat screws and climb scaffolding. 

My point here is I’m using condo wifi.  And it lasted a whopping two days before going out.  So while I have no reliable internet to use a keyboard ready device I must blog with my thumbs on my smart phone using the small amount of data I allow myself in my cell plan.

Two paragraphs of explanation later, I have to blog quick today.  So let me tell you my secret. I’m currently a barista.  I make coffee and espresso drinks for people in an amazing little shop.  It’s a jewel, to be honest.  We serve the finest espresso drinks around and we’re in a town where most would believe fine things are rare.  I take enormous pride in my work and with a nose pointed high into the air I mock chain coffee with snarky sass and annoying confidence.  

But there’s this drink.  A drink I can only buy at the one place I never buy actual coffee.  *Big Sigh*   Im addicted to Green Tea Frappuccinos.  

It’s so shameful, I know.  I’d say 3-5 times a week I drive my vehicle over to the local abomination of craft coffee shop and make my order.  It’s become such a problem that they KNOW me.  I’m a regular.  It’s just that, nobody else has this drink.  It’s the  green tea matcha powder.  I ask for extra matcha and less sweet.  It’s just…so good.  And above getting my antioxidants in frappe form, it’s being served to ME.  Having someone make me a drink is something I was missing.  I make hundred of orders weekly for other people.  Having someone make me something is really amazing for once.  

So now you know.  I won’t blame you if you have a hard time looking me in the eye for a little while.  But for the record, I still despise   chain coffee. That’s worth something, isn’t it?

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