Car Free Sunday

Have you ever had a flat tire or ran out of gas on the freeway? Sure, it sucks. Inconvenience aside, having to get out of your car and stand on or next to the freeway gives you a totally different experience of freeways (or highways).  
I’m still without wifi and in a quick search for something historic about today, November 4th, I found that here was an oil crises in 1973 which caused Holland to declare Sundays, “car free”.  
I found some pictures. While I am in love with driving. It looks so peaceful on the freeways.

 People rollerskated, biked, even ride horseback on multi-lane freeways. The places they only saw zip by in the past they got to experience without glass and steel separating in between, or even had a place to relax.

  Ok. This is a bit much. Guessing the picture is from an article about the new law of no cars on Sunday. I doubt Jr there hauled the lazy boy and house plant on the back of his tractor.  

So, it’s not a holiday. But it’s a historic event. Forty-two years ago the country of Holland banned cars on Sunday. I think we should revive this here in the US. But not with cars, let’s ban Facebook on Tuesdays and Twitter on Fridays and Saracha on Wednesdays. (Seriously, it’s alright but there are plenty of other superior hot sauces).  

See you tomorrow. And tomorrow, the Internet fix it person arrives. I won’t have to thumb type. Holla!

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