All Work and No Play

allwork and no play

I have two jobs.  I like them both.   If I work both jobs I end up with around forty hours per week of work.  But I work in jobs that need fill-ins several times a week.  If someone asks me to be a fill-in, and I am not going to be out of town and don’t have any other obligations that cannot be changed, I always accept.  Always.

One week last summer I ended up with seventy hours in one week.  It was murder.  I understand that you or someone you know does this every week and I am nothing special.  I get that.   But I only want to work at best forty hours in a week.  I have three kids who I’d like to see grow up.  I have hobbies that deserve more of my time.  But I have this fear that if I say no to an employer, they will go somewhere else and get a yes from another employee which will make me less valuable and likelier to be disposed of if employee disposal becomes necessary at some point in the future.  I know what it’s like to not have a job and need one, and I never want to experience that again.

Today was the perfect example of my personal issue of being a yes-woman.  Mondays are my Fridays, and Tuesday and Wednesdays are my weekends.  I work a nice brief shift Monday mornings.  Near the end of my shift I was asked to come back after a few hours break and do the later shift.  I said yes.  While I was on my late shift, my other job called and asked if I could work on both my days off.  I said yes to this as well.  So now I have no two day weekend for a dozen days, and this is completely my choice.  I will likely be asked to work on my next weekend and I will likely say yes to that as well.

The point of this whole ramble is that I am going to find a way to say no to people who request things of me and still end up as though I am not letting anyone down. And when I do I am going to crochet a giant blanket.  I have a large amount of yarn I have been neglecting for years.

ugly blanket


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3 Responses to All Work and No Play

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are a mature woman. I think you can say no sometimes, and your employers will respect that more than always being a “yes” girl. Love, Sarah

  2. Anonymous says:

    I used to be you, not so much anymore. You have the right to say no. Say yes, but also say no. You will too easily get burnt out with no time off. Your employees should respect that you can’t always do it. If you do your work, you are already a valued employee. I hope you’re not judged on whether or not you pick up other people’s slack. So say yes, but also say no and spend that extra time on you and your kids.

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