I got nothing, watch Rhoda with me.

This whole blog-a-day nonsense is already proving to be difficult.  Mostly because I sat and watched football after work today until my eyes bled.  (Go Hawks).  So let’s just sit and watch old sitcoms until bedtime so we get enough rest to watch the whole rat-race again in the morning.

I work in coffee, so I wake up before most so that in turn I can wake them up.  Upon arriving at my pillow each night I typically turn on a vintage sitcom and fall asleep in about 6 1/2 minutes.  It’s a special thing, to always be able to fall asleep so quickly.  I do remember those few years in my earlier twenties where I suffered from slight insomnia and would function (poorly) on four hours of sleep for weeks on end.  At some point I just started sleeping well and I do understand that it is a beautiful thing to never worry about getting enough sleep.

The only downside to adequate slumber is taking FOREVER to make it through TV shows to fall asleep to.  I’ve all but given up reading books at bedtime, my last book too me six months to finish.  I’ve decided to watch television shows airing in the 1970’s instead.

rhoda 2

So although I have seen much of Rhoda other places and in no particular order, I am now on Season 4 of watching them beginning to end.  I do so love the fashion in these old shows.  I’d say it’s 62% of the reason I watch them at all.  The simplicity and lack of disturbing situations are also a factor in making them ideal pillow-watching shows.

I think you should hold off on the next episode of Game of Thrones, or Orange is the New Black, or whatever hit of the moment show you are currently involved with and go watch Rhoda, or What’s Happening, or WKRP in Cincinnati. Learn a fun, valuable lessons in a few minutes and enjoy the elephant pants and leisure suits of the era as well.  You’re welcome.

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