The Max’s Valentine to Me

Last year my son, The Max, created a song complete with  choreography for Valentine’s Day.  Something happened to him between last year and now, he’s become too cool.  I guess that’s what happens at ten years old.

If it were possible to hug, kiss, and say ‘I love you’ too much to your kids I would be an offender.  Every day when Max leaves and when he comes home I do all three of those things.  He obliges me, though he behaves as though he hates the mush.

Last night, at Cub Scouts, the boys made Valentine’s cards for family members.  Here’s mine:

Sweet, simple, he forgot the silent ‘e’.

Here’s the inside:


I love you too, crazy boy.

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3 Responses to The Max’s Valentine to Me

  1. sarah says:

    hahaha! Love the jag.

  2. DJ D says:

    LOL…I swear, the more you write about him, the more I love this kid. If he’s an example of what the Pilver genetics are capable of, I expect great things from Lucy.

  3. awwhh, Lovely ❤ , ;D keep posting new stuff.

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