I’m hungry.

At 7:45 this morning, I arrived at the clinic to begin a day of testing and appointments. I got an ‘F’ on my first glucose test. After researching how that first test works, I now know why I failed. However my new found knowledge on these tests does not exclude me from the second round. At 8:06 I was called in to have blood drawn for test #1. If I failed this test, I did not have to go any further. After 45 minutes they called me back to announce I passed. I almost wished I’d have failed. If I failed I would have gotten to eat. Did I mention yet that this is a fasting test? I’m starving.

Part 2 of the test involves drinking the bottle of orange flavored corn syrup. There’s twice as much in there than you are given in the first glucose test. Twice as much fun, I say. That syrup has the ability to cause my little baby Lucy to dance faster than something that dances crazy fast. After an hour I got to have more blood taken. It’s now almost 10 am. I have to be here two more hours. I’m so excited about that.

Update:10:09am The Max is eating crackers and yogurt and I am not yet jealous of his feast. However, I am craving a bagel with cream cheese and a latte.

Update: 10:52am. I have one more hour until I can leave/eat. I honestly cannot believe how good Max has been sitting for the past three hours.

Update: 10:57am. Having the nurse not be able to find a vein is more painful than I would have thought. Now with my arm marks I can pass for a smack junkie, check that off the bucket list!

Update: 11:18am. Discovered the wifi. Downloaded three episodes of ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’.

Update: 11:35am. There’s two older people arguing that they arrived at the lab first and everyone else should be called in after them.

Update 3:22 pm.  Just walked in the door of my house.  The final blood draw took fo-ev-ah due to a lack of blood in my arm.  Ended up having to have it taken out of my hand.  Then I ate a ton and went back to the doctor for my regular old check-up.  Thanks to a heavy pair of jeans, thick socks, clogs, and an out of season sweater I gained eight pounds this month.  Have I mentioned it’s in the 90’s today?  My test results came back:  There is absolutely no chance I have gestational diabetes and I passed with flying colors.  WOO HOO!  However, I now have a low blood count and I need to take more iron pills.  woo hoo.  And finally, though she is growing at a great rate, the fact that she is in the 30th percentile for size, another ultrasound (this would be the 4th) will probably be “necessary.”  Though I need not worry as anything over 10th percentile is fine.  Praise Jesus for insurance!

The Max was huge, especially for my size.  Having a baby in the 30th percentile sounds like a reason for celebration, if you ask me.

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