Infinity Cake Party

I have some great family.  Some of my great family members are cousins.  Two of those cousins have birthdays within a few weeks of my own.  Our family is one who celebrates all birthdays with cake and song.   Somehow, myself and the two cousins who share December birthdays with me ended up celebrating with birthday cake plastered with our faces. It is not nearly December, but they live 1700 miles away since I moved.  The cake parties now take place whenever we can get ourselves in the same state.  This year it was August. I may have written on this before, but I am not going to double check.

I think this was 1993.  My cousin is cute and I have awkward braces and bangs.

2004.  The tradition begins.

2005.  The blondie on the right joins our tradition, creating a kink in the infinity-ness of the photo.  Those are school pictures of us all.

2006.  The true infinity kick-off point.

2007.  I have another awkward hair year thanks to manic panic and swimming just before the photo.

2008.  Blondie on the right is wearing the same scarf this year.

2009.  Almost color coordinated!

2010.  We decide to be matchy-matchy!

2011.  The matching continues and thankfully we find shirts which fit my preggo belly.

If this hoopla continues, I want to be on The Today Show when we are 90.  Or better yet.  Is there a way we can be included on a Macy’s Thanksgiving float?   Is it too early to ask?

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1 Response to Infinity Cake Party

  1. DJ D says:

    Your family’s so cool. I’ve always wanted to do something like an infinity cake, but my family’s not near cool enough to do it. They would just think it’s weird and pointless. Well, that and no one else that I’m related to has a birthday anywhere near mine. I think nearly all of them have theirs in June. June was a big month for the Avery’s and Wood’s.

    Oh, and for what it’s worth, Pilver cousins aren’t exactly hard on the eyes there. Score for genetics!

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