Little Fanfare

This morning, before my lunch shift at the restaurant, I am going to drive to the bank and sit in an uncomfortable chair covered in nylon fabric and sign a few papers.  After this activity I will be a homeowner.  In all my years of desiring a place to own, I never thought it would be with such little struggle the act would be completed.

I always daydreamed of finding a fixer-upper that was barely able to pass inspection and pinching pennies until I could afford the down payment.  My reality is far less romantic.

I’ll take it.  Our home still has plenty of work needed to be considered “done.”  It has been a thrill to this point being able to pick out tile and carpet and paint and following that with the trial and error of installing.

Cross your fingers that all goes well, because our interest rate is only locked in until the end of today.

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killing spiders with my laser eyes.
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  1. Fingers crossed! Good luck!

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