Spring Break 2011 Part 4- Roswell, NM

We ended up spanning more than six hundred photos while on vacation.  I’m realizing I could write fifty blogs about the trip, but I have already been home five days and I’d like to get moving onto other topics.  However, I cannot ignore our stop over in Roswell for obvious reasons.

I’ve always been ho-hum on the topic of UFOs and ETs.  I figure, if they ever become real in my life, I’ll care much more.  But, focusing on things that will most likely never affect my life is a waste of time.  Bottom line, if the aliens want to talk to me, I’ll give them more of my thoughts.

After researching the attractions in Roswell, we decided on three can’t miss locations.  First, the International UFO Museum and Research Center.  This is the place where they are serious about their aliens.  Second, Alien Zone, which is completely un-serious.  Finally, the McDonald’s in town which I was told was alien themed.

Upon entering the museum there stands an art piece representing the initial crash at Roswell in 1947.  Cowboys and aliens and joining them, The Max.

Pictures taken at the UFO Museum are mostly uninteresting.  The bulk of the exhibits are document based, attempting to prove the saucer crash is legit and the government cover-up of the crash is ludicrous.   What was interesting and is most likely why the topic is still discussed is the fact that the first reports of the UFO crash are not disputed.   It simply states a large unidentified saucer crashed into a field with at least three little “people” in and around the crash site.

Apparently the military quickly became involved in the search and clean-up of the area.  Homer here, held onto his story while many others either changed their story after being briefed by the government or they just kept quiet altogether.

Coke enjoys aliens as well.  Or at least they enjoy creating theme machines.

Onto Alien Zone!  For two bucks a person we were able to see what the day in the life of an earth bound alien is really like.  The attraction encourages one to take an up close look into their lives.

We had a drink at their bar.

Max spent some time at one of the alien’s homes.

After while they grew hungry and grilled some food.

This jokester pulled a prank on us and pretended he was going to abduct The Max and I.

After a long day of drinking, eating, and faux abductions we all crashed.

Alien Zone proves that while they may not be human, our little new friends are generally good eggs.

After the education at the museum and the fun at Alien Zone we were starving.  I got a tip from a Pilver reader to make sure and stop by McDonald’s on our visit.  I was anxious for a Ronald with green skin or a Grimace with antennae.  While Roswell’s McDonald’s was a welcome change from your everyday fast food establishment the theme was not that of the extraterrestrial variety, but instead a space travel affair.

The Mural on the exterior of the building is a good preview of what is inside.  The McDonald’s gang are going to fly around in space and they want you to watch them.

This McNugget requires very little by means of protective gear.

Ronald requires more.

Grimace is largely ignored these days so he felt OK about nearly being covered entirely by his beverage cup suit.  He was lucky to be there at all.

Birdie always reminds me of McDonald’s pancakes which I believe I only ate once in the early 1980’s.  But here she flies a fry box.  It would have been more fitting if a fry guy was piloting this rig, but alas, no fry guys were in sight.

I kinda lied, there’s a fry girl, in a McFlurry cup.  I don’t think she is old enough to drive the Fry Ship so I’ll forgive McDonald’s for allowing Birdie to fly the craft.

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2 Responses to Spring Break 2011 Part 4- Roswell, NM

  1. Teddy Ray says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever read your blog before, kb. I found my way here from teh Twitter. Looks like a fun trip. I’d like to go sometime, if for no other reason than to go to the McDonald’s. Birdie always makes me think of the cookies that came in a box, for some reason. The Grimace is the thing to see, though. That is awesome. I wish they’d bring back Mayor McCheese myself.

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