Gumdrop, Jiffy Lube, and Rum

I have had the most evil time trying to blog lately.  Much of my thoughts are tied up with the tiny person growing in my stomach and I feel as though many people would rather not hear about nausea and fetal heart rates.  Therefore, I have not written.  I am going to stop behaving as though what my world is revolving around is not important and only encourage you to click over to another web page if this bores you.

I can feel my baby flop around now.  That’s outstanding and freaky all at once.  I also haven’t puked in two weeks.  Did you hear me?  I HAVEN’T PUKED IN TWO WEEKS!  My final upchuck was in the bathroom of Jiffy Lube.  The few minutes after the fact were most dreadful as I knew I was going to be forced into a waiting room of people who’d just heard me say, “Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaakkkkkkkk blllllaaaaaaahhh!”  Thankfully everyone pretended to be highly interested in their Family Circle magazines from 2006 when I exited the restroom.

I had a doctor’s appointment today.  I heard Gumdrop’s heartbeat.  I peed on a stick.  I asked the nurse if they were making sure I was still pregnant when she told me what I was supposed to do.  She told me they were testing for proteins.  I told her I ate a pound rib eye steak the night before and it would probably come out really high.  She looked at me funny and told me that’s not exactly how it works.  And, then she weighed me.  I’ve lost two pounds since last month.  I was told that can happen with nausea, but being as it’s over this should be the last month I do not gain weight for quite some time.

Oh, yeah, I have cravings.  Ice cream, chocolate, and fruit are big ones.  The biggest is rum and coke.  I imagine it’s the biggest because I cannot have it.  Sure, I know if I have half a glass of wine or half a beer I’m going to be fine and so is Gumdrop.  I’m not craving beer or wine.  I want some of the Captain in me.  I’ve already set aside a time after I give birth where I will drink a couple of these prime beverages and I assume by this time my cravings will be gone.  Until then, I will continue to cut limes into short glasses filled with ice and caffeine free Coke and dream big.

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5 Responses to Gumdrop, Jiffy Lube, and Rum

  1. Amy says:

    I am 15 weeks today. Yay 🙂

    For a short while I felt like people were getting sick of me talking about being pregnant, but then I realized that was just too bad. It’s finally my turn and I’m gonna talk/facebook about it if I want to. 🙂

    I had the first person touch my tummy this weekend. An hour before that the hag told me I was getting fat. Did she think jiggling my pouch full of pushed-up guts was going to make it all better? I’ve decided that from now on I will jiggle tummies back when people think they can touch me. Unless it’s a grandma or some such person.

    What was the heartbeat this time?

    I feel like I’m writing a penpal letter. Like this is our only way to communicate…I’m so lame.

    • kristiane says:

      That is a perfect idea, I am going to touch bellies back as well. FYI: DON’T TOUCH a pregnant woman’s stomach unless you have permission, it’s weird. I had someone grab my belly about a month ago, when I was not showing at all. The heartbeat was somewhere in the 150s. I’m terrible at remembering that stuff.

      Yay for 15 weeks, Amy!

  2. zenestex says:

    I was well into my 20’s before I discovered the drink was not called a Roman Coke. I was trying to be all smart in front of my friends while we were drinking and asked, “Why would they call it a Roman Coke? Romans didn’t have Coke!” They laughed at me for hours. Anyway, keep writing! Cuba Libre!

    • kristiane says:

      Ha! That’s awesome, though I imagine that if one did ask for a Roman Coke a bartender would just think you had a bit of an accent and make you one lickty split.

    • Greg says:

      That’s funny zenestex. That also brings back some bad memories. I was a bartender for most of my 20’s. You’re right though, “Roman Coke” + lime = Cuba Libre.

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